2.2(a) Mapping places


To build up a picture of the places which make up the local community.

You need

The group’s community diagrams from activity 2.1(b), a local map (A-Z, Ordnance Survey), access to the internet, local newsletters and newspapers, disposable or digital cameras, glue, Blu-Tack, string or wool and at least an hour.

What to do

The group already knows much about the local community. The earlier activities will have helped build up this picture. What more can you find out and record? If you have the time, all of the group may wish to be part of gathering information in each of the three ways – visual, verbal and written. Otherwise, split into three groups and build up as much information as you can in the time you have about the places that make up the community. Some ideas are given below.

Cartoon illustrating topic

Visual information

You might want to use maps of the area to copy out the basic outline of the community, streets and housing, the key roads and any underground or railway lines. Mark in any bus routes, key public buildings like schools, health centre, police station, market – most of which you are likely to know, though there may be a few surprises. In rural areas, these may be quite a way away. You could put in an arrow marking in what direction and how far it is. Go on a community walk – safely! Take photos, draw sketches and add them to your community map. What about building a model of the area? Can you get hold of an aerial photograph via the internet or local planning department?

Written information

What local written information is there to draw on? Are there local newsletters, or a local paper? The internet may help dig out other information about the places in the area, as will other local sources, such as community plans from the council.

Verbal information

What do people say about the area? What about its history, its culture? Have there been big changes in recent times? Has old housing been demolished and new housing built? Do young people and community elders feel the same way about the area and its facilities? Are the buses accessible and are the bus times convenient for different groups in the community? You could add such comments next to the appropriate part of the community map.

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