How do I make a difference?

We've created a toolkit that anyone can pick up and start follow if they, and the people around them, want to campaign for change!

And we called it Act by Right - because it's our right to act, and we must act to create the future we want.

Choose your version

Act by Right is available under a Creative Commons license, allowing the toolkit to be remixed for different settings. There are three versions of the Act by Right toolkit available here:

  • Act by Right Original - A complete workbook for youth and community groups to use in planning for any form of campaigning. You can download the PDF version here. This version of the toolkit is designed for easy printing and photocopying.
  • Act by Right for Community Action - Created for the Young People Friendly Neighbourhoods programme. Download a PDF copy here.
  • Act by Right Climate Change - Focussed on building a climate change campaign. Available to browse here online.

The Leading for the Future toolkit, developed for the Woodcraft Folk to support young people's leadership, is also based on Act by Right and can be found on the Woodcraft Folk Website.

Online Edition

This online version of the Act By Right Climate Change toolkit takes you through a five stage journey:

  1. Getting to know each other and representing others
  2. Getting to know the community
  3. Getting ready for action
  4. Campaigning for Change
  5. Finding out what's changed

Each unit has three aims and each aim has three activities. It takes about three hours to complete each aim. With the hour review of learning at the end of each unit, you therefore need ten hours for each unit.

It has 60 (50 hours of activities and 10 hours of reflection) hours worth of activities from which you can chose to follow them all, or dip in and out depending on what’s going to work best for you. It's even accredited by ASDAN so if you complete all the activities and keep a log of them all, you'll pick up a qualification too.

Climate change is our generational issue - we're the one's that are still going to be alive in 2050! We wanted to make sure everyone could get involved to make the future a positive one and so we came up with Act by Right - Let's change the climate.

Get cracking!

Just before you jump into Fairtrade food, wind turbines, recycling centres or better & cheaper public transport, you might want to quickly check out how Act by Right - Let's change the climate works so that you get the most out of it.

It won't take long and is definitely worth the read.

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