What’s needed to get started?

The most important resource you have is yourselves as a group. Here are some other important resources to think about as you start this journey.

  • Support: is there someone helping and encouraging you on this journey? It could be really important to have this support or at least know who to turn to at particular times for ideas and advice.
  • Commitment: some may come and some may go, but a strong commitment from a core of the group will be vital to make progress and help make change happen on issues that are important to you.
  • Time: obvious, but you need an agreed meeting time that most or all can make, regular enough to keep the momentum up.
  • Venue: a good venue will be comfortable, accessible, either free or not too expensive, welcoming but also give you space and privacy and ideally have some storage space you can use between meetings.
  • Refreshments: make sure you have some light refreshments to perhaps start and/or finish your meetings. And energy levels can dip during a session, so fuelling up during a break can help as well.
  • Money: the group may want to apply for a small grant to be able to pay for some of the things above and to feel you are taking responsibility for these practical matters as well. Check out local resources: there are an increasing number of funds run by young people, for young people.
  • Toolkit: before you start off, here is a list of items you are likely to need. Create a toolkit before you start.
    • Activity sheets – numbered in the text and available for download
    • Flipchart and pens
    • Felt tips
    • Blu-Tack
    • Sticky tape
    • Post-its
    • Newspapers and magazines
    • Glue
    • Roll of paper, such as wallpaper lining
    • String or wool
    • Soft ball
    • Local map
    • Local newsletters and newspapers

Though not essential it might also be useful for some of the activities for you to be able to have access to:

  • Photocopier
  • Polaroid or digital camera
  • Tape recorder
  • A computer
  • The internet
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