How do the units & toolkit work?

So, first thing's first. There are 5 units:

  1. Getting to know each other and representing others
  2. Getting to know the community
  3. Getting ready for action
  4. Campaigning for Change
  5. Finding out what's changed

Each unit follows the same outline to make it easy to use. Each unit has:

  • Purpose
  • 3 Aims
  • Snapshot – a short example
  • What do I know?
  • 9 activities (3 activities for each aim)
  • What have we done?

There are 9 activities in each unit. Each activity contains these sections:

  • Aim
  • You need
  • What to do
  • What do you think?

Sometimes, an activity includes a What next? section,

What's the way through?

What do I know?Each unit starts with a review of what you know already, called What do I know?

What have we done?Each unit ends with a review in two parts that takes about an hour to do and is important to complete before you move on. First, What have we done? helps the group reflect on both individual and group learning.

A right reviewSecond, A right review helps you build your Act by Right Charter through looking at the relevant Articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and their implications for the group’s activities (see below.)

The journey planner and progress log can be found in the Resources section. At the end of each unit, use the journey planner as a log or checklist to confirm you have everything in place for the next stage.

  1. Activities completed – check
  2. Evidence log – check
  3. Review of learning – check
  4. Act by Right Charter – check
  5. Signed and dated by you
  6. Signed and dated by a witness

Some practicalities...

The activities in this pack are designed for a group of about ten. If you are a bigger group, make sure you check that the activity is going to work okay and give yourself extra time. You may want to work through them with an adult support worker, but the material is written so that you can use it on your own if you wish.

Everything is written to be read out loud in the group. Good preparation is very important, including making sure you have enough copies of the worksheets and the things you need for each activity. Adding your own touch will bring the material alive and be much more likely to interest the group. You can take it in turns to prepare and lead on particular activities. This will add to the group’s confidence and skills.

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