How does it work for me?

Well before you launch into your campaign, you’ve got a couple of options. And depending on which path you chose depends on how you might get started.

Pathway 1: Full Accredited - Book way

Simply work your way through each other Units and let the site guide you through the 5 stages of change! Complete all the activities on the site, keep up to date with the Journey Log so you can see all the areas you’ve covered and what you’ve still got left to do, and enjoy making a difference where you live. It's as simple as that!

Pathway 2: Full Accredited - Portfolio way

This way gives you all the accreditation of Pathway 1, but a bit more flexibility in how you do it. You follow a similar journey as Pathway 1, but you don’t need to do all the activities as we’ve written them if you think you’ve met the aim of each activity by doing something different. As long as you have some evidence to prove it, you’ll still get the snazzy ASDAN certificate. Keeping up with the Journey Log will be essential to make sure you’re on top of everything.

Pathway 3: Take you pick

The ultimate free spirit! Maybe you're already half way through a campaign and want a little support? Just dip into the Unit and activities that you want to, that are going to build and strengthen your campaign. Use you're own judgment as to what's going to be useful. You won’t get to the accreditation, but you will be making a big difference in your community.

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