3.2(b) The Matrix Action Planning Sheet


To develop a detailed plan of action for the priority for change.

You need

A large version of the grid from activity sheet 21 and about an hour.

What to do

As you plan to take action to make change happen on what’s important to you, hold on to some wise words from some of the young people who contributed to the first draft of this book: ‘There is no I in TEAM and there is a CAN in CAN’T.’ If you work together, you will achieve much more than on your own. Every time you come across an obstacle, there is likely to be a way round it, over it or under it.

a) To start with, work in small groups to help everyone take part and to encourage the fullest possible exploration of what needs to be in your action plan. Looking at your agreed priority for action, complete activity sheet 21, being as specific as you can.

Priority for action
Now Soon Later
By members of the group on our own
By us asking people not in the group to do things for us
By us working with people not in the group

b) Come back together as a whole group and take it in turns to share your matrix action planning sheets. Stick them all up on the wall. What aspects do they have in common? You could ring or underline the priorities that crop up most often using different colours. Talk over and agree what your group priorities for action are and complete one matrix action plan for the whole group.


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