5.3(b) Our evaluation


To undertake the evaluation and record the information

You need

Your evaluation toolkit, with the evaluation plan from 5.3(a) Our Evaluation Plan and activity sheet 40 and at least an hour, though the more time you have, the more information you will get.

What to do

Working in the same groups as above for activity 5.3(a) Our Evaluation Plan, carry out your agreed approach to the evaluation. Good luck! Make sure to follow your agreed safety rules. Let the team know where you are going and agree a time when you will all come back together.

What next?

You will be looking in more detail at the information you found in the next activity, but for the moment, how did everyone get on? Take it in turns to share briefly your part of the evaluation, how you worked together and what you found out. Young people testing this part of the book invented a quick and useful way to gauge how well it went. But you might want to grab a calculator! Using a grid as in activity sheet 40, write a percentage score (out of a hundred) for how well each part of the evaluation went. How do the methods compare? Did one score better than another, or were they all about the same?

How well did we do? Scores out of 100 (%) Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Average score for the approach (add and divide by three)
Average score for the different questions in the evaluation (add and divide by three) Overall score: (Add the six scores from the darker shaded boxes and divide by six)

The group may wish to swap approaches, so everyone can have a go at the three main methods, or you may wish to try another approach in your methods toolkit.


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